Security Savings Bank is kicking off our 100th Anniversary celebration with 100 Days of Giveaways!!!

We truly care about and appreciate our customers, and the communities we serve. We are drawing 3 customer names each week for a prize package from September 16, 2020 - April 22, 2021.

*Present customers at least 18 years of age are eligible and have been automatically entered. Limit of one prize package per household.

Check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bankwithssb for pictures of our winners. 


Our 100 Winners:

1. Darwin (George Branch)

2. Glen Meendering (Inwood Branch)

3. Narla Top (Hills Branch)

4. Bobbie Kerkvliet (Larchwood Branch)

5. Mitch (Canton Branch)

6. Kimberly Lewis (Ellsworth Branch)

7. Korine Petersen (Ellsworth Branch)

8. Chad Barnett (Luverne Branch)

9. Oredi Balange (Sioux Falls Branch)

10. Jody Kramer (George Branch)

11. Jami Gacke (Inwood Branch)

12.  John Van Maanen (Hills Branch)

13. Steven Steele (Sioux Falls Branch)

14. Chase Ter Wee (Larchwood Branch)

15. Amber Timmerman (Inwood Branch)

16. Jessie Eben (George Branch)

17. Chad Baker (Canton Branch)

18. Sarah Essman (Ellsworth Branch)

19. Selma Bauer (Larchwood Branch)

20. Donald Dickmann (Sioux Falls Branch)

21. Tyler (Canton Branch)

22. Al Mews (Inwood Branch)

23. Corey Nelson (Luverne Branch)

24. Frances Veldkmap (Luverne Branch)

25.  Vicki (Hills Branch)

26. Gary Solma (Ellsworth Branch)

27. Warren Bakker (Luverne Branch)

28.  Jason (Canton Branch)

29. Rodney Fransman (Luverne Branch)

30. Amanda Wiltgen (Inwood Branch)

31. Joan Lottman (Larchwood Branch)

32. Jarrett Smith (Canton Branch)

33. Ron (Inwood Branch)

34. Darnell Krull (George Branch)

35. Ann Klaahsen (George Branch)

36. Martha Kruger (George Branch)

37. Amy (Canton Branch)

38. Benjamin (Canton Branch)

39. Karen (Ellsworth Branch)

40. Daniel Brown (Canton Branch)

41. Cory (Hills Branch)

42. Trish (Inwood Branch)

43. Heidi (Inwood Branch)

44. Darin Koedam (Larchwood Branch)

45. Larry Poss (Larchwood Branch)

46. Arielle Renner (Sioux Falls Branch)

47. Dennis Johanning (Ellsworth Branch)

48. Thomas (Sioux Falls Branch)

49. Amanda Blank ( Hills Branch)

50. Ryan Schmith (George Branch)

51. Linda Harms (George Branch)

52. Adison Evans (Inwood Branch)

53. Danny (Sioux Falls Branch)

54. Loren Krull (George Branch)

55. Collin (Ellsworth Branch)

56. Andrew (Ellsworth Branch)

57. Sharon (Ellsworth Branch)

58. Dennis (Canton Branch)

59. Katie Koopma (George Branch)

60. Elma Delibasic (Sioux Falls Branch)

61. Chad (Luverne Branch)

62. Wyatt (Luverne Branch)

63. Rodney Cronin (Larchwood Branch)

64. Bonnie (Inwood Branch)

65. Larry Woodward (Sioux Falls Branch)

66. Joseph Bossert (Ellsworth Branch)

67. Brooklyn Meendering (Inwood Branch)

68. Abby VanDer Laan (George Branch)

69. Kari (Canton Branch)